2016-2017 the 1st Semester

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1. Textbook Publications

Contemporary College English: Oral English (2nd edition) (FLTRP: Beijing, 2016) was published under the general editorship by Wang Wen-li, one of the lecturers in the Centre.

2. Graduate Education

Graduate students of the Centre on exchange programs to top universities in the world

Third-year graduate student Fan Yi-ning supervised by Associate Prof. Zhao Dong of the Centre has come to study in Brown University, which is a member of the Ivy League, with the university's scholarship. His field of research is sociology of religion.

One of the second-year graduate students supervised by Prof. Liu Chen has come to study sociology in the University of Salzburg on an exchange program with the university's scholarship. Founded in 1622, the University of Salzburg is a distinguished university in the heart of Europe with approximately 18,000 students and 2,800 employees.

3. Graduate Awards and Honors

First-year graduate student of the Centre Yang Yu has been awarded the "First Level Academic Scholarship for Graduate Students of BFSU". Among the 159 first-year graduate students in School of English and International Studies in the university, a total of 25 won the First Level Scholarship.

Certificate of Honor to Yang Yu, Graduate Student of the Centre

4. Exchanges in Teaching

Prof. Liu Chen invited to deliver a lecture on teaching in the Department of German, BFSU

On December 6th, Prof. Liu Chen was invited to deliver a lecture on teaching in the Department of German, BFSU. The report was under the title of "Teaching and Learning mutually reinforcing: Some Thoughts on Addressing the Relations between Teaching and Academic Research". Three issues are highlighted and analyzed by the report: (1) the significance of academic research; (2) how to yield high-level academic achievements; (3) how may teaching and research be connected.

Announcement poster for the report by Prof. Liu Chen

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