2015-2016 the 1st Semester

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1. China’s Image on the Screen

Author: Liu Chen, Zhou Dujuan, et.al. Press: Renmin University Press, 2015

This book is published by Renmin University Press, and is selected into the Encyclopedia of Journalism and Communication. Based on China’s Great Diplomatic Strategy and guided by "the New Type of Relations between Big Powers" and "One Belt One Road" Initiative, the book studies the US, Canada, the UK, France, Korea, Japan, Australia and some Arabian countries. From the perspective of politics, economy and culture, the book analyzes how these countries evaluate the international communication effect of China’s broadcast, and gives some suggestions. The book is the first one in China and around the world that comprehensively studies China’s image under the new circumstances and on a country-specific and regional basis. The book is theoretically innovative, because it puts forward a 3D national image model (politics-economy-culture), based on which the international communication of China’s image is analyzed and corresponding strategies are presented. The book is also methodologically innovative, because it utilizes the methodology of international politics, international economics and sociology, and provides an index to evaluate the international communication of China’s image. The authors of the book include governmental staff from State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, include scholars from universities like Beijing Foreign Studies University, Peking University and Beijing Normal University, and include editors and journalists from Xinhua News Agency and other mainstream media. Such diversity helps these authors to complement each other. The book is highly recognized both at home and abroad, so is recommended to institutions like the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.


2. Journal


CORE Journal

Canada's International Communication Strategy

Liu Chen

Journal of Communication University of China: Modern Communication, Issue 12 of 2015


Inspirations behind the Internationalization of Canadian Enterprises

The Problem for the Canadian National Sovereignty — the History of the Quebec Independence Movement

Factors in Shaping Enterprises’ International Image

How to Improve Chinese Enterprises’ Attractiveness Abroad

International Communication Strategy of China’s National Image of 2015

The Current Situation and the Future of Overseas Chinese Media

Liu Chen (6)

Wang Zhu (1)

Renmin Luntan

International Communications

China Report

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